Don’t Make Something Out of Anything

Last night when I was practicing yoga, the teacher said to focus on one thing that would help our practice. The helpful phrase that came to mind is one I’ve used and taught hundreds and hundreds of times – “relax your brain.”

So that’s what I did as I practiced yoga. I was surprised to find how often I had the opportunity to relax my brain, which was not relaxed. What I found is that even looking out the window I tried to make it pretty, looking at my bed I imagined it a king instead of a queen, feeling a pain in some part of my body I anticipated how I might be further limited in what I could do in the future. This practice of relaxing the brain felt like a lobotomy – my brain didn’t like it much – “don’t take that away from me” it cried. But I had promised to practice this one thing just for an hour, and I kept doing it, and what I saw was that my mind kept trying to make meaning out of things. I kept relaxing my brain and the “meaning” kept dropping away. Although part of me resisted this, the effect was….aaaah – relaxing. So I’m updating that old saying, “don’t make something out of nothing” to “don’t make something out of anything,” because in reality, it’s all nothing. Relax the brain. It works in labor. It works in yoga. I’m going to dare it and take it out into my life. Report back soon…

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2 Responses to Don’t Make Something Out of Anything

  1. mom says:

    I Love it!! (even though there is no it) :o )

  2. Jill says:

    I’m still wondering about this word “no” – “thing.” Is it about “any”-thing or “no”-thing or “every”-thing? Are using those words limiting and defining too? What would it be like to look out of the window and just “see”?
    “what is”

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