Too Many Teachers

When I was young and started practicing 30 years ago, Zen was not a fad. It was gaining in popularity, but the number of books on the subject was in the tens, not thousands.

Similarly, there weren’t so many teachers, and certainly not so many made famous by media. Now it seems like there’s a teacher du jour – Eckhart Tolle this month, Adyashanti the next, and on and on.

I actually love those teachers. I love many teachers. But at some point you know you’ve heard everything there is to say. Intellectually, you get it. I don’t need to cram any more information in my head. As Steve said, what I need to realize is that I don’t know anything. As every teacher I respect would say, it’s not about learning what to do to get to a place of peace. It’s realizing that who I am IS peace. I am not these thoughts rushing around in my head. I’m not I’m not I’m not.

I believe Cheri would say I’m in the grips of conditioning, because the last thing I want to do is just let go and be happy. It’s time to take myself in hand.

So here I am again, putting something forth that I can practice today. And the winner is . . . “the one you’re looking for is the one who’s looking.” Hopefully I’ll get another glimpse of the truth of who I really am and report back soon.

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