The purpose of this blog is to share my journey as I practice Buddhism while living in the world as a mother, wife, Zen student, yoga student/teacher, childbirth educator, and writer. I have been practicing Zen since 1986 and live with my husband and daughter (born 2008) in Berkeley.

There is a line in Dogen’sĀ Eihei Hoso Kotsuganmon, “Buddhas and AncestorsĀ of old were as we. We in the future shall be Buddhas and Ancestors.” Buddha and Jesus and Mohammad and Gandhi and St. Francis and all other enlightened beings were, I believe, just people like you and me who were deeply committed to waking up and ending suffering. They too started out deluded and worked hard to see through their delusions. I believe all of us are on this path together, working towards true happiness to the best of our ability, and that all of us will eventually wake up and end suffering, earning our place right along side Buddha and Jesus.

Sharing what I am practicing inspires me to practice. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

2 Responses to About

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi Elizabeth!
    You have a quite interesting blog. Just curious, why did you name your blog Buddha, Jesus, and me? Not someone else, like Ghandi or Muhammad, but Buddha and Jesus? Hope to hearing from you soon! :)

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Stephanie, You know, I was searching around for a url that wasn’t taken, and maybe I was a little punchy, but this name came to me – my point being that Buddha, Jesus, and other spiritual teachers started out like me – sincerely seeking for the path to wake up and end suffering. They found it, and I want to find it too. It helps me to remember that they were just people like me.

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